Big Pharma Cancer Cure Cover Up EXPOSED How They Hid a Powerful Anti Cancer Vitamin

Published on January 23, 2018

Huge Pharma Cancer-Cure Cover-Up EXPOSED How They Hid a Powerful Anti-Cancer Vitamin.

G. Edward Griffin: It is and it’s a reasonable case of how much, I figure there’s no other word… yet extortion. How much misrepresentation; ponder, cognizant extortion can be infused into what we would regularly believe is a logical procedure.

At a young hour in the times of the improvement of laetrile [amygdalin or vitamin B17] there were stories flowing that individuals were getting well1. They were being dealt with and they were returning from the edge of the grave et cetera. So normally the pharmaceutical business needed to put a conclusion to this thus they set up an arrangement where they needed to have it tried. The thought is “alright, none of this discourse about individuals getting spared, none of these little stories. We should complete a logical test.”

Everyone was supportive of that aside from they demanded that lone the individuals who were adversaries of laetrile do the tests and no one else could do the tests, you see. It must be the oncologists and the general population on the staff of the pharmaceutical business et cetera. To influence a long story to short, and it is a long story, the California branch of the AMA – California Medical Association – was given the assignment of completing a test on laetrile.1.

The general population who were accountable for this were all in the growth business. The two men, as I recollect the names effectively that composed the examination of the report were Drs. McFarland and Garland, I think. McFarland, I believe, was a specialist and Garland, I believe, was a radiologist. Or then again perhaps it was the a different way, was a specialist and a radiologist and alternate individuals from the board were all in comparable positions. The vast majority of them were radiologists, strikingly enough, I think.

So at any rate they all had sort of a personal stake in NOT discovering something that would meddle with their organizations you see. So there was kind of an inclination worked in. Anyway, they did this fine logical investigation utilizing mice et cetera. They spent a great deal of cash and they created the report, and McFarland and Garland declared that there was no proof at all that laetrile had any impact at all in the control of tumor. So that was all anyone expected to hear. There was something done by the California Medical Association and two fine upstanding specialists.

Well these specialists, just to give you a thought of how fine and experimentally shrewd they were, these were the folks… them two said that there was no association at all between cigarette smoking and lung disease.

Ty Bollinger: Same specialists?.

G. Edward Griffin: Same specialists, definitely. Before they got associated with this report. They had just been purchased and paid for by the tobacco business, obviously. Truth be told, I think it was McFarland that even made this fabulous statement, “a pack a day keeps disease away.”

Ty Bollinger: I’ve seen the daily paper advertisements that they used to run that had that correct statement. That was from him?

G. Edward Griffin: That was from him. He was part of the gang. By chance, he passed on in bed a few years after the fact in a fire began by his cigarette in bed.

Ty Bollinger: Wow.

G. Edward Griffin: Burned him up. I mean I’m sorry to learn anyone pass on, particularly from flame, however I thought it was a sure incongruity to that.

Ty Bollinger: Poetic equity.

G. Edward Griffin: Poetic equity or something. What’s more, the other person kicked the bucket of tumor of the lung. They were both substantial smokers. So in any case that gives you a little thought of the logical ability of these folks. All things considered, the extent that most specialists are concerned, on the off chance that they see a report from the California Medical Association and it’s acknowledged by the showing foundations, doubtlessly that that is science. That is real.

Ty Bollinger: That’s honest to goodness truth.

G. Edward Griffin: That is gospel truth. All things considered, it was acknowledged as honest to goodness truth for a moment and after that we got hold of a duplicate of the full report. I’ve overlooked how we did it, yet we did, and it was a major, thick report. All anyone at any point read was that cover page where McDonald and Farland, no McFarland and Garland. I’ll get it straight. Sounds like a comic drama schedule.

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