CDC Vaccine – Autism Link and Cover-Up: Dr Hooker’s Reanalysis of Whistleblower Data

Published on December 20, 2017

Is the CDC a defacto pharmaceutical company with an over $4 billion incentive to protect Merck and its other suppliers of vaccines?

Is there proof of collusion and fraud at the highest levels of the CDC administration, and top-down influence on the scientists who conduct their research?

What follows is a draft of a re-edit and much abbreviated interview conducted by Dr.Patrick Gentempo of “Vaccines Revealed” with Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD, PE regarding his experience and findings given his reanalysis of data, as well as investigations into communications between researchers, Principal Investigators, and high-level administrators at the CDC (per FOIA and other data and information he obtained through a whistle-blower) regarding a possible linkage between vaccines and cognitive and immunologically-based disorders. Additional footage and editing to come…

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