Entities of “UNDERWORLD” Beneath Our Feet – HOLLOW EARTH Hybrids, Aliens, Cryptids & Angels

Published on December 14, 2017

The Bible tells us about the activities that occur beneath our feet. A spiritual dimension that exists far below the surface, where supernatural entities reside. Likewise, all pagan religions record an “underworld” dimension where their gods and ancestors dwell.

But are these mere fictional concepts drawn up by so many cultures and spiritual beliefs throughout the world? Or is there an important truth to the existence of the underworld that will become part of the unveiling or disclosure process?

Do the revelations of the truths concerning the Nazi regime and the works of the occultists and esotericists of Hitler a major clue into what might be going on in Antarctica? What about the several accounts of giants and time dilation when it comes to places far beneath the earth?

In this discussion with Justen Faull of the 4th Watch, Gonz from Face Like The Sun discusses all these issues as it alludes to his documentary film, Hollow Earth Chronicles, Episode 1: The Dark Chambers. As Bible prophecy unfolds, the theoretical hollow earth might help us


43 seconds of background music in this hour came from Bobby Cole-Fight For This Planet-18919-DNC”, sound recording PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL THE CREDIT AND GLORY go to this individual who has filed a claim demanding to be recognized and paid for this entire work for the Lord Jesus Christ.


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