Next Planned Pandemic Busted!!! Revealing the plo

Published on May 22, 2017

This video is part one of a series that will reveal the plans for the latest pandemic. In this part of the reveal, I am showing the viewer that the farm that was reported to have been a victim of the H7N9 virus, is not only impossible to penetrate with viruses but is also a donor to the poultry disease convention AND the sole contributor to the Canadian Poultry disease Research. The video also hopes to show that Govt Agencies are involved and have stockpiled Vaccines whilst making vast profits for CDC and others, for a false pandemic. In this video (Part 1) it also shows that World Health Agency, CDC, and many others have a population reduction agenda. Part 2 of this video will show that those involved in China are also participants in a cover up of facts who are selling these genes/virus to big pharma, it shows how the public have been conned into believing that these created pathogens are real and reveals the facts that show, these viruses are man made!

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