The Lost Book of Enki Part 1 (Introduction)

Published on January 31, 2017

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“Within these pages Sitchin gives us his complete vision of our past. ‘The Lost Book of Enki’ is a work of literature, written in the style of an Akkadian epic poem, and provides us with Sitchin’s version of the original ‘sourcebook’ for the Mesopotamian/Egyptian mythologies. He has set the book out in the form of 14 tablets, written out by the master Akkadian scribe Endubsar. In the text, Endubsar claims that the tablets were dictated to him by the god Enki himself. The impression is given that the reader has in front of him actual historical material, and it’s easy to see why many readers have taken this book at face value. But this book is in reality an historical novel, incorporating Sitchin’s world-view.”

“For his part, he openly offers this book as a possible blueprint for the original source-book upon which all Mesopotamian mythology was once based. It stands as a literary work, rather than a theoretical study. He has brought together many stories, from epics and fragments alike, and made a cohesive whole from them based upon his theory about extra-terrestrial gods. The sheer scale of his vision is breathtaking. Perhaps Sitchin felt that he needed to give this vision an appropriate form in one book, his Magnum Opus.”

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