Marine Sgt. calls Hillary out over Benghazi ‘FOUR’-Bill Clinton rally 2016-American Patriots III%

Published on November 4, 2016

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First I would like to thank the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Deputies for their Courteous and Respectful handling of this situation. They were doing their jobs. If anyone posts HATE or Violence against the Law Enforcement, they will immediately be removed and blocked from channel.

For anyone interested in the TRUTH of what we stand for, listen to the podcast……..…


When Bill Clinton visited Bluffton, SC to rally people to vote for Hillary, he met the ire of a former Marine Drill Sgt. who spoke out against Hillary’s lies surrounding the Benghazi Four. WE WERE NOT ASKING QUESTIONS, but Bill kept trying to turn it into a Q&A.

Our message was that Hillary has no right to run for President. Hillary Lied to the Families of the Benghazi Four-Stevens, Woods, Smith, & Doherty. She lied over the American Flag-draped coffins of our Brave Men.

Hillary deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison for that alone. Yet her crimes encompass so much more….Watergate, Chinagate, Emailgate (this alone should have her convicted for using unsecured servers during her first three months tenure as Secretary of State. There is so much more Hillary is guilty of, but her LIES and arrogance surrounding the Benghazi Four is enough to have her incarcerated for life.—–AMERICAN PATRIOTS III%



***Side Note: Some ignorant and jealous lowlifes keep posting about an Incident that occurred between this Marine Sgt., who is a former Drill Instructor at Parris Island, SC, and another former Drill Instructor SGTMAJ Archie. SGTMAJ Archie had seen this particular Marine Sgt. protesting the Bergdahl exchange for 5 top taliban commanders/Terrorists and he did not agree that he should have been wearing his Cover (Marine Drill Instructor’s hat). Now, this is a matter of opinion, right or wrong, it is opinion. The two disagreed on this subject over a heated argument on the phone the night before we went to protest on the road leading to Parris Island. When we arrived, media was already there as well as the Sheriff’s Deputy (to maintain order and keep the peace) and SGTMAJ Archie was waiting at the Parris Island gait. It was not long that SGTMAJ Archie drove off base, jumped out of his jeep where he began yelling at the Marine Sgt. for wearing his Cover. During this argument between two bellowing Drill Instructors SGTMAJ Archie pushed into the other Marine Sgt. with his head and knocked the Cover off of his head, he then picked it up and said he would throw it in the trash and drove off with it.
The Sheriff’s Deputy had to get the Cover back and charges were pressed for assault yet later dropped. SGTMAJ Archie was FORCED to retire. NOW. There are those who blame the Marine Sgt. for SGTMAJ Archie being forced to retire because they do not believe he should have been wearing his Cover, though there is no law stating that he cannot. It is opinion as many others say he has the right to wear his Cover.

Now, I find it sad that SGTMAJ Archie claims absolutely no responsibility for his actions that day and his supporters continue to attack the Marine Sgt. for SGTMAJ Archie being FORCED to retire. The Marine Sgt. DID NOT FORCE SGTMAJ Archie to wait for us to arrive after the argument the night before and knowing there would be further disagreement in front of the media and the Sheriff’s Deputy. The Marine Sgt. DID NOT FORCE SGTMAJ Archie to drive off base to confront him. It would take a Mighty Powerful Man to FORCE SGTMAJ Archie to do anything. When does a man take RESPONSIBILITY for his own actions? It is sad and pathetic that the blame is placed on the Marine Sgt. for SGTMAJ Archie’s actions that day.

The problem with all of this, is that the BIGGER PICTURE is lost. The MESSAGE of the Protest is Lost when you have all of the petty bickering. Bergdahl, a Traitor, was traded for 5 taliban commanders/terrorists. and now our message is that Hillary Clinton should NOT be running for President, but sitting in Prison for the rest of her life for all of her LIES and CRIMES. I post this because many keep posting and attacking and I am setting the record straight.

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