Published on September 28, 2016

“…it’s the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper.”
— CDC Whistleblower William Thompson, PhD

(Truthstream Media) Shocking revelations about alleged CDC misconduct in a study investigating the link between autism and vaccines has been made even worse by an active campaign to censor and silence the issue in the media.
A CDC whistleblower involved in a pivotal study defending official assurances of vaccine safety broke his silence to expose how the study he was involved in massaged the data to cover-up a 340% increase in autism risk for African American children under age three who received the MMR vaccine. William W. Thompson, PhD. was escorted out of CDC headquarters a few days ago, and presumably fired from his position, after being identified as the whistleblower.

For his part, Thompson told the Autism Media Channel, who released a video on his revelations, that he was tired of lying.
Since that report was released, the Autism Media Channel website has gone offline, CNN has pulled two ( viral iReports summarizing the facts of Thompson’s statements as a whistleblower, and very few other mainstream reports have covered the issue at all. Thank you to the Autism Media Channel, Jon Rappoport and Mike Adams of Natural News and others in the alternative media for bringing this one out of the shadows.

It should be splashed all over every front page in every magazine, news website, and mainstream media channel on TVs across the nation; instead, we’re getting the crickets from a Looney Tunes cartoon. The silence, in the wake of potentially millions of children damaged by these vaccines, is deafening.

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